Ok, we know, we know another book blog

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I could spend a lot of time telling you why this book blog is going to be different, but it probably isn’t.  It is simply a labour of love.  A site dedicated to reviewing the books I have read.  Not the most fashionable books, not the books that hit the top 10s, not the books that feature on celebrity “must reads” just books I want to read.

You’ll find weekly book reviews, forays into the dim and distant past for recollections of long-ago read good reads and visits to my favourite authors, collections and series.  So please come on in, read, comment, share.  Leave me suggestions as to what to read next.

And read just one chapter more.

What will you find on Just One Chapter More…

In short, pretty much everything to do with books!  We will be reviewing books and events, hopefully speaking to an author or three (do keep an eye out for some exciting interviews), chatting about the books we’ve bought or those that we’re lusting after and no doubt visiting Haworth on several occasions!

We want this site to be for book lovers too, so if you want us to review something, or have any suggestions as to content you’d like to see, or even share the books you’re reading or your collections, then please do get in touch!

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