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I’m a reader, quite simple really.  And I would love to be a writer.  So we start the new year with an amalgamation of the two.  Of course the difficult, creative bit has been done for me, I’m simply adding my opinions.

I have kept a record of books I have read for most of my life; now is the time to finally move into the 21st Century and get that log a little more electronic and a lot more in-depth!

Meet the Team

If you asked Rachel how she feels about reading she would tell you that she can no more imagine not reading that she can not breathing.

A total cliché, but we’re not promising this will be cliché-free! How can we? Rachel is a Yorkshire woman with a penchant for tea and Emily Bronte.

A voracious reader, Rachel has read 498 (yeah, not a typo) books in 2017 and 70 so far this year.  She doesn’t read slowly that’s for sure.

We can’t promise to always read the most fashionable books; but we can promise honest reviews from someone who is simply a reader.