World Poetry Day

Poetry is totally great, right?  From the hilarious to the tragic to the nonsensical to the utterly beautiful, I defy anyone not to find a piece of poetry they absolutely love.

Poetry Collection

As it is World Poetry Day I took the opportunity to do some research (i.e. sit on my bed with a cup of tea and piles of books) and remind myself of some of my favourites.

So in no particular order…that is, favourite first then in no order!

1. No Coward Soul is Mine – Emily Bronte

No Coward Soul

So yep, no surprise that my favourite poem ever is by Emily Bronte – but it is just fantastic.  The first line is absolute perfection.  I love that she could create such amazing imagery with her words from what was a very narrow spectrum of experience.

2. There Will Come Soft Rain – Sara Teasdale

There Will Come Soft Rains

A slightly eccentric route to discovering Sara Teasdale, via 2016 horror flick The Forest.  Natalie Dormer’s character quotes lines from There Will Come Soft Rain during the movie, a quick Google (other search engines are available…) brought me to Sara Teasdale and I just loved her work.

And a final 3rd entry is mainly for two lines that appear in this poem, and are – I maintain – the greatest couplet ever to feature in the written word: –

3. Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf – Roald Dahl

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

What an introduction to feminism aged 4 or so, with the feisty Red Riding Hood getting the better of the wolf and bringing a whole new slant to the age-old tale.

And what small girl couldn’t fail to be entranced by the immortal lines “The small girl smiles.  One eyelid flickers.  She whips a pistol from her knickers”.

If you read one poem today, make it this one!

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