International Children’s Book Day

<Checks last time I blogged> <whistles guiltily>

Mea culpa, I have been absolutely dreadful at blogging.  Work, single-parenting etc etc have been taking masses amounts of my time, but I’m going to be way more efficient and get back to blogging.

Today seemed like a great place to start as it is “International Children’s Book Day” and I just love children’s books.  My love of reading was fostered from a very young age, indeed I was rarely without a book on my person – a habit I carry to this day.  In no particular order, here are some of my favourite children’s books: –

International Children's Book Day

Probably some of the first books I can ever remember reading (and yes, these are the original copies we had!) – these two are superb and a must read to children!  The Giant Jam Sandwich in particular lends itself to a plethora of amusing voices (I do a fine Farmer Seed…)



International Children's Book Day

The book I credit with starting my love of ghost stories, The Children of Green Knowe is just adorable.  A lonely boy, a loving and slightly eccentric elderly lady…and plenty of ghosts! Who wouldn’t love the ghost of a horse that eats sugar cubes?!




International Children's Book Day

Two more books with a decidedly supernatural twist.

Charlotte Sometimes centres around two girls in a boarding school…except which school.  Whilst Moondial introduces us to Araminta Cane, known as Minty, living with her mother’s elderly godmother.  Following a dreadful accident which causes her mum to be in hospital, Minty explores Belton House and meets Old World…who thinks she’s special.  Who will she meet?!


International Children's Book DayMoving into my pre-teens I was all about the girls’ school story.  Blyton had come and gone when I discovered Trebizon.  Slightly more modern than Malory Towers or St Clare’s, Trebizon featured sport, boys (yup!) and plenty of fun and growing up.  Loved them! I still regret not finishing the set of these – eBay here I come! I re-read Trebizon on average once a year!



International Children's Book Day

Jumping way into parenthood, these two are actually books I picked for my daughter – she favours the scary and macabre too and these were just perfect.  Terrifying dolls, houses with secrets, general peril, you really should investigate Alex Bell.




International Children's Book DayNot technically a favourite children’s book, however these are children’s versions of my absolute favourite all-time book.  I mean honestly, how AWESOME is the Weather Primer?!




I can’t end this blog post without an honourable mention for the series of books that has meant the most to me throughout my reading life.  Owned, culled and bought again, I currently have a collection of around 100 titles in the series….drum roll please….Point Horror.  American teen horror from the 1990s involving murder, mayhem and the odd spook.  Utter perfection! (If you haven’t read any, these three are my ultimate favourite titles).

International Children's Book Day


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