Who likes a challenge?

Here at Just One Chapter More, I’m very fond of a reading challenge; I’ve been doing the PopSugar Reading Challenge for a number of years now.  I finished this year’s in February and have since been having completely non-directed reading.

However, I was delighted to stumble upon another challenge online, which I have amended slightly to remove duplicate categories.  If you created this challenge, please do let us know so I can credit you!

Reading Challenge

So a lovely short challenge of just 36 books, which means I should be finished by the end of June.  I have a very specific strategy; collect a pile of books to cover at least half the categories, and take from the pile in order which means I don’t get left with my worst category until last (I’m so sorry science fiction, I’m looking at you).

Do you know of any other challenges? I’d love to hear from you!

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